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imageCLASS MF753Cdw Printing from outside of my network


I know I can send print jobs from my phone outside of my network. Is it possible to do it from a friend's home pc if I load the printer driver on her PC or is it complicated. I already have a static  ip on the printer! 

This is mainly out of curiosity! TIA



You can't print from a computer that is not on the same network as the printer! There's no way for the off-network computer to see it.

OK, a little confused then. I have the canon mobile app on my smartphone. When I was at my friend's house, some 30 miles away, I sent a text file over the cell network to my printer. If that works, why can't pc to printer work the same way. The printer has a static ip. 


Static IP has nothing to do with it. 

Does the friend's PC (you don't say what OS it has) have the ability to communicate over the cellular network to the printer? I know some PCs CAN be equipped with a cellular adapter.  It'd still have to have a program to do what the cell phone can.

Unfortunately no. I just figured it went from cell-internet-printer than why not internet to printer. There isn't a cell phone attached to the printer. 

Cellular doesn't use the Internet. It uses cellular networks. What you COULD do is print to a Wi-Fi-enabled printer from a cell phone that is Wi-Fi equipped, and use Wi-Fi instead of cellular. Wi-Fi is Ethernet, which is what your network is. So the cell phone acts like any other computer on your Ethernet network.

If friend's computer is a portable, she could get within your network's Wi-Fi range and connect to your printer.

You're not following. I Did it last week. I was at my friend's house. He sent me a text to my cell phone. I told my cell phone to send it to my printer at home and it did so. without a wifi connection. In fact, Canon supplies the app for it in google play store. On a daily basis I access my nas at home with my cell phone from wherever I am, no different.

When you sent it to your printer the phone was using CELLULAR service. How it gets to the printer within your home Ethernet network, I don't know. WiFi will not connect your phone to your home 30 miles away.

The same way I connect to my Synology nas with my cell phone. Via the static ip address that I assigned to it. The printer has its own static IP. See the photo below. you can see it's connected through cell not wifi. That is the contents of the my nas which is in my house 20 miles away. as you can see from the top bar on my phone it is using 5g cell service, not wifi.





Screenshot_20230831_170756_DS file.jpg


Maybe someone will respond to this who knows what's (not) going on.