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Windows 11, MG2920 status not found


"There are ports that cannot be used with their current settings."

I have already spent four hours reading community support and attempting to find some way to call or e-mail support.

There have been multiple recommendations and I have tried each of them, carefully and repeatedly.  No improvement. 

I'm nearing a state of rage at having to sign in again and again and re-register my product and finding no solid answers.  This printer has been a miserable experience from purchase onward and will be the last Canon product I buy, simply becasuse it is so poorly supported and absurdly chaotically documented and complicated beyond belief to connect to any second, third, etc. computer or network.  Hours of searching and struggling, every time.  I was a happy Canon customer until I purchased this piece of garbage.



Thanks for letting us know what Canon product you've got. The PIXMA MG2920 is an older model which we have retired. While that means that Canon USA no longer offers direct support for it, your friends here in the Canon Community are welcome to offer suggestions!

You can also speak with a Canon Upgrade Program specialist to help you score a modern replacement that would meet your current needs at a discount. You can reach them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-866-443-8002.

Hope this helps!