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Which Canon Color Laser MFP supports 5G networks?


Can someone please let me know which of the Canon color lasers definitely support 5G?  I don't want to buy a printer only to discover it work work properly on my network.


Bonus question 🙂 will this printer also support iOS 11.4 (latest Big Sur). 


Thank you 




As far as I'm aware, none of the current MF Color Series support 5G.  MF746Cdw and below.  Only a few of Canon's current inkjets support 5G.  


Although 5G offers greater bandwidth capability over 2.4, 2.4G has far greater range.  Best performance is achieved via ethernet and all of the MF B&W / color series lasers support gigabit ethernet. 


I don't know that I would base a printer purchase solely on its wireless support.  Keep the following in mind.  WiFi6 is ratified and backwards compatible.  2.4 and 5G aren't going away anytime soon.  


Regarding Big Sur support,  the product support page for all of Canon's printers lists their OS support.  


You can also reach out to Canon sales.

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Stinks. I can't just put an ethernet drop wherever I want to plop a printer. In my old location I had an extender configured in just so I could plug the canon in. In my new location I bought an HP just because it has robust support for 5G. I don't have any 2G devices. Problem with the HP is their support for keeping up with Mac iOS updates is poor. Guess I'm stuck with the HP