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TS9020 on WiFi does not wake up to print


I have a TS9020 on WiFi that will not wake up when print jobs are sent to it.


In order to print I must:

  1.  Manually hit the power button to wake the printer up before printing.
  2. Launch the scanner utility "scangearmp2" and attempting to scan a blank page, the scan utility outputs a not ready error but wakes the printer in the process.

If I do not wake the printer manually, before printing, the print driver fails to detect that the printer is not ready and sends the output which dissappears into the bit bucket.


Ideally I'm looking to get the print driver to wake the printer, when processing print output but, if I can't manage that, detecting a printer not ready status would be an improvement over the currenbt state.


This is on PcLinuxOS . 5.5.10 with the Canon Driver: cnijfilter2 5.40


Thanks for any help with this.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi starrig,


You can check to make sure the auto power on setting is set to on and not off. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure printer is turned on.
  2. Select Setup on the HOME screen.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Select ECO.

  5. Select Energy saving settings.

  6. Check on-screen instructions and select Next.

    1. Specify settings as necessary.
    figure: Touch screen
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I checked those settings:

  1. Auto Power off was set to: 30 Min ... I changed that to 240 min.
  2. Auto Power on was already set to: "ON".

Doesn't explain with printing does not wake it up but, at least it should provide a longer wait period before it goes to sleep?


Thank you