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TR8620A network failure


My Canonn TR8920A has recently stopped printing from the network.  It's connected to the wi-fi network, it's powered on, but I can not get anything sent to it to print.  I get an error message saying it's offline.  Cannon's wi-fi connection assistant goes thru it's motions and gives up saying 'can not connect to the printer' and there's no further assistance.  Has anyone else run into this problem and what is the workaround to get this thing working again?  



The steps above might help resolve your issue, or provide a temporary solution that could occur again.  

Lets spend a few minutes further verifying your configuration and environment.

What OS are you using the printer with (version and build)?

You've already told us the printer is connected via Wi-Fi.

Next log into your router.  Verify the printer's IP address.  What address has the router assigned to the printer?  You can look at "attached devices".  There you will see a list of all devices the router is aware of and communicating with.

What is the IP address of your computer? (Same list)

Once you have this information, open a web browser and enter the printer's IP address.  Press enter.  Does the printer's web server display?

These steps verify the printer's IP address, test connectivity and confirm the computer's ability to communicate with the printer.

Next step.  Consider assigning a static or reserved IP to the printer.  This can be done on your router.  It ensures the printer's IP address does not change.  It means you will always know the IP address of the printer and how to configure other devices to find it.  It only needs to be done once.

Drivers for your device are available here in case you need them.

Canon Support for PIXMA TR8620a | Canon U.S.A., Inc.


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