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Pro-1000 still prints one job and goes offline every time... AGAIN!


Have loved this printer and it had been trouble free for soooo long.  But something changed in the fall and it's been very frustrating - particularly with all the holiday printing requirements.  I can power printer on, it connects right away to the network.   I can immediately do a single print job and then the trouble begins.  I goes off line and shows that on both my primary machine MacBook Pro (Sonoma 14.2.1) and my windows desktop (windows 11 v 22h2), I have to then power off the printer and power it back on to print the next job.  

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer on both machines.  both have latest drivers installed.   I have the latest PS  and LR installed....

My network is an Orbi Netgear 960 quad wifi with the router line of sight from the printer at 15 '.

A buddy with same printer dumped Pro 1000 in the trash because he got fed up with problems.  I love mine however and its been trouble free until this offline problem showed up...

I am out of guesses....Canon support did a great job and we got it running properly for a few days and I celebrated and bragged to my friend ..but now I am back to square 1.