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Printer Assistance Tool useful?


I just purchased and installed a Pixma TS6420 printer and most everything is working fine. I use both Windows PC and ios devices phones and iPads.  The printer goes "to sleep" when not used for a while and the documentation said to change settings in Printer Assistance Tool to have the printer wake up when assigned a print task. Unable to find the Tool and unable to get support at the time because my printer was not registered, I could go no where. After printer registration I contacted support and they solved my problem y pointing me to the front panel control on the printer whereby I was able to switch Auto On to On rather than Off, with no need for the P.A. Tool software. She told me I would need the P.A. Tool software for my Windows computer however. It will not download so I am asking: Is there anything of value in this tool that would necessitate my continuing to spend time trying for a download? Thank you.