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Printer Address



I bought a Canon Imageclass MF267 dw Multifunction printer today, downloaded the driver, and am following the online manual to install the driver.  It requires an IP address for the printer, and none is provided on the back info slate. 


Does anyone know how I can find the address?  The store where I bought it said it would show automatically, and that is proving to be nonsense, since my computer is not yet talking to the printer.


Help appreciated.


Don Campbell



Greeting Don,


The printer supports 2 types of wireless connection.  


Wireless Direct:

Other wireless devices connects directly to your printer without the need for a wireless router or access point.  (Computer, mobile device, tablet, etc) .  This is a direct form of communication (device><printer)


Wireless Network:

Printer connects to a wireless broadcast comng from a router or access point.  An IP address is provided by that device to the printer.  This device will have a range or pool of addresses it hands out when a connection to the network is requested.


DHCP: IP address is assigned automatically and randomly from the pool of available addresses (on your router or AP).


Static IP or Manual assignment: You can pick an IP address from the pool of available addresses and manually assign it to the printer.   


A static "reserved" or manually assigned IP address is preferred to DHCP since this ensures the IP the printer uses to communicate does not change.  DHCP addresses are not persistent and can change.

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Thanks Rick,


I'll see if Apple or Netgear can help me find that pool of addresses.


Best regards,


Don C.