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PIXMA PRO-100 Wireless Connection Setup


Trying to install the never used Pro 100 to my wireless network.

To do so I connected the printer via USB, however my computer never recognizes the printer.

I tried connecting via an ethernet cable and it works. Is there a trick to get it to recognize the USB so I can setup the wireless?



Hi, Tewigo!

So that the Community can help you better, we need to know exactly which operating system is running on your computer (i.e. Windows or Mac OS, and which version thereof). That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hello,  I am struggling with the same issue.  I got a new router w/o a WPS button(google nest).  Now I was hoping to set up my wireless.  I think that the instructions say to use a cable to connect to the computer, but then the pro 100 flashes 9 orange lights.  I think that means that the printer is saying that the computer is incompatible.  


I am on Mac Big Sur 11.3.1


I would appreciate any advice on how to resolve.


Thank you,