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Print studio pro start up error


When I try to activate the print studio pro plug-in within Lightroom an error message appears indicating error and that the plug-in will be exited: 'An error has occurred. Exiting Print Studio Pro.'

Canon Pixma Pro 100S printer

Mac OS 13.0 Lightroom Classic 12.01, Print Studio Pro 225 Installer version.

Is this resolvable?





This is yet another example of Canon being out of touch with the Apple operating systems. I’ve run into exactly the same issue after upgrading to Ventura. Canon help has been no help whatsoever. I’m a professional photographer who relies on Print Studio Pro working correctly. Notice the word “Pro” in the software title. All of my carefully developed printer settings are tuned within Print Studio Pro and I’m having immense trouble getting the prints to look correct using the standard “print” dialogue within Photoshop itself. This isn’t the first time this has happened - I had the same issue with upgrading previously when Mac OS 12 was released. That took Canon *months* to sort out. I suppose it will take Canon months once again?

So COME ON CANON! Step up and pay attention to your customers. 

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!