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Print job stuck in queue after sleep




I recently installed a Canon PRO-100 printer using wireless on an iMac running OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  I set up a launchd user daemon to print a small image every day to prevent ink clogging (I don't know if this happens with Canon, but I had real problems with an Epson years ago).  I set this up using Lingon, with the command:


lpr -P Canon_PRO_100_series_1 /Users/mark/Pictures/tiny.jpg


When I leave the computer unattended for a while, it goes into sleep mode and the daemon doesn't run.  (For all I know, the printer goes into sleep mode too.)  When the computer wakes up, it is supposed (as I understand it) to execute the job.  But it doesn't print.  When I open the queue I see the file there but nothing happens.  If I run console and look in the cups error_log, I see:


A communication error has occurred.


I also saw that message when I typed a command in Terminal to display information about the printer (I think it was lpq, but it might have been lpstat).


My workaround for this was to connect the printer via USB, but if anybody knows how to prevent this error from occurring with wireless I would be interested.  I post this message mainly to alert Canon, or whoever is interested, that this error does occur.






Product Expert
Product Expert



The issue may be related to a timeout between the router and the printer.  When this occurs, please try turning the printer off and back on in order to refresh the connection with your network.


If additional assistance is needed, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.

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OK thanks Michael; your reply is appreciated!





That is not a very acceptable solution when one is attempting to AirPrint at the opposite end of the building.  Walk down and turn the printer off and on?  Very impractical and inconvenient.