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Pixma TS6420a Constantly Disappearing from Network


I am using a Canon Pixma TS6420a at work.  I can get the printer connected to the network and it will remain so for a couple of days at most, then suddenly when I go to print again, the printer is no longer reachable over the network.  The firmware is up to date on the printer and the Windows PC I'm using to access it is completely up to date, and free of any malware.  I always have to go back through the entire process of reconnecting the printer to the network again in order to use it.  That usually involves resetting all the settings on the printer itself.  I am always able to print to the printer using a USB connection though.  I was wondering if anyone here could provide any help with this.  We don't have an IT department where I work and our network is managed remotely.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.  




The behavior you are describing is likely related to your network configuration.  "Performing reinstallation" to re-establish connectivity each time the printer goes "offline"

 If no one in the office has access to the network configuration, you'll need to work with the person responsible for administering the network remotely.

What you'll want to do is have them reserve or assign the printer a static IP address.  This ensures the device will always get the same address assignment.  In turn all connected devices will be able to find the printer at its destination IP (which won't change).  This is probably what's happening now, and why it works for a period of time, then goes offline.

After this is done, you'll need to uninstall the printer and reinstall it as an IP printer. This will ensure persistency. This only has to be done once.

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Thank you for the reply.  I checked the printer this morning and I was still able to connect to it.  The last time I set it up I used my laptop instead of my cell phone.  Not sure if that has anything to do with it.  Anyway, it's working for now. If it goes offline I'll see if someone can put me in touch with the people who manage our network.  Thank you again. 

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