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Pixma MG5420 won't connect to wifi network after changing routers



I'm now frustrated by the inabliity of my Pixma MG5420 to connect to my wifi imac network.  Previously I used a Apple Airport router, but decided to change to my cable provider's router (Spectrum).  Previously my network was not encrypted, but the Spectrum network is encrypted by default to WPS2-PSK(AES).  When I tried to connect the printer to the network it would not connect at first.  Then I tried using the advanced option to connect to the access point.  It had an option to use encryption and I chose the identical encryption option WPS2-PSK(AES).  The printer then connected to the network.  However when I go to view the printer in my Mac favorites under printers, it does not appear.  How can the printer be connected to the network yet not be visible to my computer?  I need to better understand how the printer is connected, and if there are any software tools to diagnose what the problem is.  Thank you.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi gordonmitchel,


Please follow these steps:


1.  Please press the HOME button to the left of the LCD screen on your PIXMA MG5420


 2.  Press the up arrow 1 time and then press the button under Setup


 3.  Press the left arrow one time to select Device settings and press OK


 4.  Use the down arrow key to select LAN settings and press OK


 5.  Use the down arrow key to select Confirm LAN Settings and press OK


 6.  Select WLAN setting list and press OK


What is listed next to SSID? and what is listed next to IPv4 address?


On your computer, please click the Wi-Fi symbol in the upper right to the left of the time.  Is you Mac connected to the same Wi-Fi network as what was listed next to SSID on your PIXMA MG5420?


Open Safari.  In the address bar of Safari, please type the IPv4 address of your PIXMA MG5420.  Are you able to access the remote user interface of your printer?





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Hi - Appreciate the response.


Next to the SSID is the network name, it is the same as the Mac wifi network everything else in on.  


Next to the IPv4 is the network IP address -  I can log into the interface using this address.


However, this does not solve my issue.  If I look at system preferences - printers it shows the printer as offline and I can't seem to keep it online.  I tried many time to do a printer reset and define a new printer, one time I finally got the 5420 online, but it disconnected after being idle a while, and I couldn't get it back on even logging into the network again.  Very frustrating.  Now I keep a long USB cable to connect my computer and printer every time I need to print something.  

Hi gordomitchel,


Those exercises were not to get the printer working, they were to determine if your Mac could communicate with your PIXMA MG5420.  Because your computer is using the same network and you were able to log into the printer's web interface, we know that they are communicating.


The next step is to resolve the printing issue.  Before I assist with that, I would need a little more information.


Please click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner and then About This Mac.


What version of OSX is installed on your computer?




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Hi Patrick

I have MacOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6.



Sorry, I have another printer issue, maybe related, but I can't print two-sided now, this has been going on about as long as my other issue.  I use the USB cord connection when I print to the MG5420.  

Hello Gordo,


If you can't connect over the wireless and you no longer have the option to perform a two sided print, I would suggest downloading and installing our Cups printer driver from our support site using the link HERE. You can click select and then download next to the CUPS printer driver and when the download is complete, you can double click on the downloaded file to start the install.


After installing the driver, click on the apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen and then click on system preferences. Once in system preferences click on Printers and Scanners. Use the - at the bottom of the list to remove any old connections for the printer.


After removing the connections, you can click the + to see if the printer is detected with the option for the canon IJ network. If so, you can highlight it and the click add. If you are unable to detect the connection, you can unplug your wireless router from the power for 5 seconds and then plug it back in. Once the network is back up, you can click the + again to see if it can detect the network connection. If it is still unable to find the printer, I would suggest moving the printer closer to your wireless router.


If you still need to use the USB connection, you can select it once you click the + in printers and scanners. Make sure the USE box near the add button says the name of the printer and not airprint. Once it has been added back and is using the correct drivers, you should be able to perform a two sided print.


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Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, I am now at a different place, I won't be back at my home for a while, so I will try your suggestions and respond then.  

hi, patrick! similar to gordomitchel, i have a pixma mg5420 and i'm just trying to get it connected with a new internet wireless router. i've followed your first set of instructions to gordomitchel, but my IPv4 address is blank. the SSID is my new router, so i feel the printer recognizes the new router. i think i just need to enter the router passphrase somewhere. please help. thanks, bill / wmharv

Take a look at this page:

Then this page:

I think that'll solve your issue!