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Pixma MG2922 installing wireless on New iMac


I just bought a new iMac. I previously used my MacBook Pro as my main computer. I am trying to install the wireless printer on my new iMac. I am able to use it if it connected via usb. I have tried a multitude of steps and no luck. Both my iMac and MacBook Pro have Monterey 12.6 OS and my MacBook Pro works wirelessly with my printer no problem. I was actually able to install all the drivers and other software EXCEPT for the IJ Setup on my iMac.

I installed everything from this link: . The only software missing from there is the IJ Setup software that walks you through setting up your wireless connection. Every time I try to download the IJ Setup from here: , I get the error that "set up needs to be updated", and when I click on learn more it talks about compatibility issues with 32 bit apps on Sierra 10.13.4 or later.

The issue, therefore seems to be that although canon updated all the other software and drivers, they did not update the IJ Setup software, which seems kind of odd to me. Does anyone else have any insight into this issue? It would be highly appreciated.