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imageClass MF227dw unable to scan to Mac with new router


Hello, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Recently, I have been unable to use the interface on the printer/scanner to scan to my Mac. I got a new router, but I am not sure if this issue happened when I got the new router. Here's what's happening:

When I use Image Capture or MF Toolbox to scan on both my iMac and MacBook Air, it works fine.

When I choose to scan to computer from the device itself:

My MacBook Air (2015) appears on the device screen, but I get an error and the scanner doesn't actually start. 

My iMac (2019) does not appear on the device screen. 

This is true both when they're connected over the wireless network or via USB. I have done all the "normal" things that someone would do to fix this, such as updating firmware and re-installing drivers. I'm really at a loss and looking for other solutions. I don't want to lose the feature to scan from the device itself--I use it all the time, and it worked fine for the 8 or so years that I've had the printer until recently.

Thanks so much!


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My computers run Windows, so I haven't run into this problem. Also, my imageCLASS MF743 is connected to my router using an Ethernet cable.

First thing step I would take (if it hasn't already been done) is to download the latest drivers from Canon's website.

I looked up the unit on Amazon and see posted reviews dating back to 2015. I can't say if age is playing a role in this. My thought would be to reach out to Canon Support to have an agent do some digging to determine if there is a driver incompatibility. 



Do you have any scan to destinations set on the device?  In its addressbook for example?  These may be stale.  

If so, try deleting and recreating these destinations.  

Describe what you see on the printers screen when you scan directly from the device.  

If it's working from the software interface, it should work from the control panel as well.

I'll have to review the manual so I can be more specific about this particular model.  

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Thank you to both of you for your assistance. I attempted to contact Canon, but my device is no longer supported and I cannot get help over the phone. I can understand that age seems like it could be a factor, but it was working fine until I got a new router. I don't have any scan to destinations set on the device. I checked this. My update is that without any further tinkering on my part, it does scan to my MacBook Air now, initiated from the scanner. It still won't pick up my iMac though when I select scan to computer on the scanner. The MacBook Air is older than the iMac, so it seems like device age isn't at play here. I assume it's entirely a software issue (and maybe a simple solution). I just don't know what it could be. Drivers are updated on both computers, and firmware is updated on the scanner.

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