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Pixma MG2522 - Cannot Get Installed


I am honestly at the point of wanting to go full on Office Space on the printer! I am using the USB cable to connect to my MacBook Air. I am (currently) updated to OS Sonoma. I have read the manual and I watched YouTube videos and I cannot get it to work. I go through all of the setup steps and it will tell me that it was installed successfully but when I go to the Printers & Scanners in System Preferences and try to Add the printer it is not showing up in the list as a printer. I have connected the USB cable to the MacBook, I have disconnected, reconnected, turned on, turned off, restarted countless times. I have no clue what to do at this point other than find someone who wants to buy this printer from me & go get a new printer/different brand/something. I need to print and this should not be this complicated. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and since this is my only way of attempting to even get additional help...please...someone...anyone...please help me out!!!!!!! Thank you in advance!