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PIXMA TS8220 no longer offers PDF scan option


PIXMA TS 8220 / Windows 11 / Intel Core i9 Scanner No Longer Offers PDF Scan Option

I just purchased a new Dell XPS laptop with Windows 11.  My PIXMA TS 8220 printer works fine, and it scans fine, but there is no longer an option for scanning to PDF.  My former laptop had Windows 10, and it offered a PDF scan option.  I have made a post on the Microsoft Community Forum concerning this matter.  I have downloaded all the requisite software, except for "poster" items.  When I bring up the "Scan" feature on the laptop, it brings up four options:  JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BITMAP.  No PDF.  Dell says it is a developer / operating system problem.  If so, that means that everyone will have to use some kind of third-party application if they want to convert a scanned document to save as a PDF.  Any comments?


Product Expert
Product Expert


Are you using the IJ Scan Utility program that installs with the printer/scanner driver? When you select document you have the option to save them as a PDF. 

We look forward to your reply. 

I installed the Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX2.  The Canon Utilities lists an "IJ Network Scanner Selector EX".  The Canon Support page only offers "Print Driver and Scan Utility Installer Ver.1.0.3 (Windows).  When that installs, it installs the "EX2".  I cannot find anything for the "EX".


I am posting a continuation of this discussion.  I have no idea what happened, but strangely the IJ Scanner Utility is once again scanning in PDF.  I did my taxes online and I had to take pictures of my 1099s with my smartphone and send them to the laptop to attach the documents.  I decided I wanted to scan one more document for my records, and when I brought up the Canon Utilities folder and clicked on the IJ Scanner Utility it brought up an entirely different dialogue box which included a PDF option.  Before doing this, I updated my Google Chrome Browser, and do not know whether that had anything to do with it, but somehow the PDF scan is "working again".  It seems to be a complete mystery to me . . .