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PIXMA TS5120 will not prompt for password


I recently moved and changed internet providers, and my printer will not connect to the internet because it will not prompt for a password when I try to set it up. 

Things that have NOT worked:
- Turning off and on (printer, router, computer, basically all things attached to this process)
- Hard reset / returning to factory settings
- Easy install via device
- Manual connect (will not prompt for password)
- Turning off roaming feature 802.11r (cannot do so with my service)
- Buying a cheap wifi repeater (unnecessary other than for the forking printer to work), adding repeater to network, adding printer to repeater. Will prompt for password now, but will not connect. Have tried multiple times. 

I have been told "buy a new printer" by a handful of users which is... less than helpful.

Canon, any info or advice?




Its not clear from your post whether you have re-run the software set up.  This is typically where you are able to modify the SSID and/or wireless password after a router change.

Canon Knowledge Base - Easy Wireless Connect Setup for Windows Computers - PIXMA TS5120

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Yes, the first type of install I attempted was a regular "easy install" (easy install via device), where I attempted to re-run the software setup. Since the printer will not connect, this did not work. I tried on multiple computers and two different phones.

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