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PIXMA TR4722 Connection to Wifi Issue


I just bought this printer, and I can't seem to get the WIFI printing to work. I used my PC and my smartphone to try and get it to work but all that keeps happening is it says "Connected" on the printer but in the app and on my PC, nothing shows up for a succesful connection. I refresh the app/software and the process starts all over again. I tried the "Easy WL Setup" and the "Manual Setup", both methods says "Connected" on the printer but then I go to the software/app to print via wireless, and the printer is not there. Not sure what to do here. Any help would be great!

I have printed the LAN Details, and the connection says ACTIVE. Let me know if any information is helpful.




If you need help with wireless connection, I would suggest you run the Wi-Fi connection assistant which is available from the printers support portal.

You can also run the master setup utility which will perform wireless configuration.

You can verify connectivity by logging into your router.  Review its list of connected devices.  Does the printer appear there? Does it have an IP address?

Once that's confirmed, you should have no problem adding it to the app on your mobile device if it's connected to the same wireless network.


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I downloaded the WI-FI Connection Assistant software and the printer is not coming up under the IPv4 or IPv6 options.I tried to refresh it with and without the USB cable plugged in, and both times the printer did not come up.

Looking at my router's connected devices, I do not see the printer appearing under the list. There is 2 "unknown" devices connected, but I don't think either of them is the printer.

Following the printer not showing up on the WI-FI Connection Assistant, I decided to "Manually Connect" the printer to the WIFI thru the printer's menu and it said CONNECTED after putting in my router's password, but still the printer did not show up in the WI-FI Connection Assistant software. How do I get my printer to show up in this software?

I decided to try the "Master Setup" software again to see if it would work, and no luck. I get to the part where my printer shows up in the software after holding the "Chain Link" symbol on the printer, and it attempts to connect to the WIFI and then comes back as CONNECTION FAILED.


Any response to my previous post?