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PIXMA TR 8620a No Driver for Mac ? Need IJ Utility Can't scan from printer without USB??


I just bought a PIXMA TR8620a. Connected wireless with no problem to Mac, running Ventura 13.6.1, but I can't scan without setting up the printer/scanner, and then going back to the Mac and finding the scanner. It's cumbersome and annoying. Tried to find a driver, and the Canon site says no drivers available for my Mac? There is also no IJ Utility anywhere, and that's what I adjusted on my old PIXMA to fix this issue. Any ideas? Thanks.  (And I don't use iCloud, or AirPrint, so that won't help.)



Thanks for joining the conversation, JELerch!  While I'm just a moderator and not tech support, I know having the software installed helps, so I recommend clicking HERE to get all the necessary software for your PIXMA TR8620a.  Once everything's installed and set up, you should be able to scan without any problems.  Hope this suggestion helps!

Thank you!  I will give that a try  🙂

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