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PIXMA PRO-100 Print Studio and Photoshop 23


I recently upgraded to Photoshop 23 and Print Studio is no longer shown in the Automate and I cannot print with my Pixma Pro 100




We are only recently seeing posts in regard to this and similar issues.

Ventura (like almost every time Apple updates its OS) has introduced some dysfunction or undesired behavior.  The recent update by Adobe CC is also causing issues for many. 

I might ask if you have a time machine back up of your MAC and can revert the system to a point in time when everything worked?

If your MAC is intel based resetting the NVRAM, removing the printer, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer and its drivers has restored basic printing functions.  

If Apple Silicon, printer removal, uninstall / reinstall of software has helped.  

Application permissions in both cases also appears to be related to the connection and printing related failures.

The Ps and PSP issue will likely require a patch from Adobe and Canon.

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I just bought the Pixma Pro 200 and having the same issue on a Windows computer. I need this printer for a job this weekend!

PSP is not required for printing. Besides printing from LrC or Ps w/o PSP there are many applications that don’t even interface with PSP.

What software are you trying to print from? What operating system?

John Hoffman
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Hi.  Running a MacStudio iOS13 Ventura.  Printing with Pro-100.  Using PhotoShop.

Any idea when a new plug-in is going to be issued?  Any suggest for how to contact Canon directly to try to get an answer rather than having to go through the forum?

I don't want to revert my Mac just t enable printing.  I can use work-arounds till then.  Thx


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