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PIXMA MX492 refuses to connect to Wi-Fi network


My usually reliable MX492 lost its mind recently and refused to connect to my wifi network. It would 'find' the wireless network and appear to connect, but then not respond to print commands. I ran all the troubleshooting functions and even tried an unsecured 'guest' 2.4 GHZ network, but no joy. I uninstalled the printer and went about reinstalling, only to have the Canon online web install site tell me that the install package for the printer needed 'updating' by the author for my OS. Bizarre. So, my printer is, for now, a boat anchor. It doesn't show up in my printer/scanner menu on my Macbook. I'm running Big Sur 11.7.10. Any insight is appreciated.


Product Expert
Product Expert


Please click HERE for the steps to print the network settings directly from the printer. Once it prints, please let us know what is listed for signal strength. 

Also, open a web browser on your computer, and in the address bar, please type the IP Address listed on the configuration page into the address bar. Next, tap Go or Enter to access the page. Are you able to see the printer's remote interface?

We look forward to your reply. 

Hi Arthur,

I'm not the OP but am having this issue as well. I've determined that it is not my device but the printer as both my laptop and phone are suddenly no longer able to connect via wifi.
I had printed my network settings and am at 76% strength but nothing shows up when I try to connect via web browser to the IP address. 
I keep getting the error message that I can't connect to the printer / printer is not responding when I try to print via wifi.


You can try disabling the IPV6 setting on the printer by using the steps HERE. Once that is done, turn off the printer and restart your wifi network. After the restart, turn the printer back on and then have your computer search for the printer again. 

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I have this same issue. I recently moved and now the printer won't connect to the WIFI so I can print. I've heard through this forum that the Canon MX492 can only connect to a 2.4GHZ network (WHERE DOES IT SAY THIS IN ANY OF THE MANUALS OR INSTRUCTIONS). I haven't had a chance to see if this is true and I'm not paying $19.99 for someone in India to tell me that I need to buy a new driver. So if I cannot get this printer to connect via a 2.4GH connection then it's going in the trash because I never had this issue when I lived in my previous place so I don't appreciate having a printer that doesn't print because it needs a specific network. Have you heard this? Maybe a Canon product expert can confirm this. It would be helpful to have this information readily available if in fact it's true.