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PIXMA MG7720 "set the pc to start scanning" "can't communicate with scanner"


Used to scan fine wirelessly to my Mac, as recently as a few months ago. 
Occasionally will mysteriously work. 
I have rebooted the router, connected over and over with wps (pita and has to be done over and over, works sometimes yes and sometimes no). Rebooted the scanner.  Rebooted the computer. Have also uninstalled/reinstalled drivers every way possible. 
Reconfigured in IJ network utility. 

Try to scan, and in the scan menu it shows the name of my macbook at the bottom of the screen on the printer.  But it tells me to 'set the pc to start scanning.' Then will not let me do so.  Even though the name is RIGHT THERE. 
And the network is listed in the settings, and the password saved. (have done extensive rebooting).

IJ scan utility says "searching for printer" and even though it is added, can't find it.  It does detect that I just hit the scan button on the printer though.  So it knows it's there, it just doesn't fully connect.   

Then I get a  'can't communicate with scanner" error. 

Drops out and occasionally has the red x symbol on the wifi, however, it doesn't scan when it shows connected either.  Right now wifi is connected, no red x.   
Our internet is solid and the signal is strong.

My workflow is not practical to initiate it from the computer which is suggested as a workaround. I am trying to fix the scanner to work as it should.  I want it to automatically connect (as it previously did), scan to my computer and that's it.
I am very close to flinging this thing off a high cliff and never buying a Canon printer again.  

Canon charges for technical support, which isn't helpful.  Their products should work and they should help you if they do not.
Can someone help?  Canon tech support, are you out there?
Thank you

Macbook Pro Mojave



Hello, anyone from Canon tech support around on the board?  Is there just a problem with these connecting with macs?  What's the issue?


Please click HERE for the steps to print the network settings from your printer and then let us know what the signal strength is. 

Also, when you reinstalled the printer on your Mac, did you only reinstall the CUPS driver or did you install the ICA scanner driver as well? 

One last thing to double check, when you add you printer back on in printers and scanners, do your have the option of MG7700 series Bonjour and MG7700 series IJ Network? 

We look forward to your reply. 

Thank you Arthur for your reply.   Apologies for getting back to you so late.  There are a lot of things happening at home that required my attention.

So I went to follow up on this tonight.  Long story short, it's mysteriously working now.  I uninstalled the driver about a week ago.  Tonight, reinstalled both the scanner and the printer driver.  (In my case,  mcpd-mac-mg7700-16_20_0_0-ea21_3 (1).dmg and misd-mac-ijscanner15f-4_1_3-ea21_3 (1).dmg  which were recommended when typing in my model number.   
A link from there recommended mcpd-mac-mg7700-16_40_1_0-ea21_3 (1).dmg  but I did not install that one.
I installed these drivers without the USB connected and perhaps that helped.  

Also rebooted the internet but do that regularly.

It's working so fingers crossed.   No explanation as to why, as I did all these steps previously. 
Thank you and have a good night.  Will post back if I encounter further problems.

Now it will not work again!  "Set the PC to start scanning." I can see the name of the computer right there on the bottom.

And when I go into System Preferences, it does not show the Canon scanner.


Thanks for your reply. I'll be tied up all day but will follow up on this.  

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