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PIXMA MG3620 Black Wireless - no longer connects to my wifi


Hello, I've been having issues with my PIXMA MG3620 wifi printer. It used to print and scan off of my wifi connection with no issues but now I get a ScanGear error:

"Cannot communicate with the scanner for these reasons:

- Scanner is turned off.

 - USB cable is disconnected

Code 5,156,69"


The scanner is on and the blue wifi light is light. The USB is not connected as I should not need it. If I do connect a USB cable it prints and scans just fine...mostly. I do sometimes get errors trying to scan but we'll address that later.

So, how do I even check the wifi setup on this printer? I saw posts saying to use the Canon PRINT Inkjet selphy app and I have an option to open the network settings for my model printer (maybe I used this to set it up originally?) but it just spins and never actually opens the network setup. Any help here would be appreciated. My previous PIXMA wifi printer was very easy to set up and worked great for years. This knew one is kind of a pain to configure. When I originally setup it up (about a year ago) I had to call tech support to get steps that were not listed in the information I had gotten with the printer. Now the only support options I have require a $20 payment.


Product Expert
Product Expert


Please click HERE for steps to print the network settings of your printer. When the page prints, please check the  following: 

  • Is connection active or inactive?
  • Does the SSID match the network your computer is connected to?
  • What is the signal strength listed? 

Also, open a new web browser on your computer, and in the address bar, please type the IP Address on the configuration page into the address bar. Next, tap Go or Enter to access the page. Are you able to see the printer's remote interface?

We look forward to your reply. 

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