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My Pixma TS3522 will not connect to the internet


My new printer will not connect to the internet. SOO frustrating!!! I am on Windows 10 and my internet service is ATT.  I have tried and tried and it says it cannot locate the printer on the internet.




Please review the following steps for wireless connection.  The printer requires a 2.4 GHz broadcast that uses WPA2 / AES encryption.  Please ensure your router is broadcasting both networks.  The printer will use the 2.4Ghz Network.  The printer has to be in wireless pairing mode during the setup process to detect and be connected to the network.  

Follow the instructions here: 

Canon Knowledge Base - Easy Wireless Setup With Windows - PIXMA TS3500 Series

Use the steps with pictures.

Bay Area - CA

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It used to connect to my wifi with just a password.  I think the  APP is not working properly so it doesn't give me the choice to connect to the wifi anymore.

If you go through all the steps to try to connect it will give you a choice to connect directly to your router.

Thats what I had to do.  Someone should tell Canon that their app is the reason you can't connect.

Even that doesn't work smoothly.  I have to keep restarting the phone and the router.

I am using a printer cable now.  That works :).