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MX922 goes to sleep and loses WiFi connection


I have a new MX922 that replaced a dead MX870. The old MX870 worked fine until it died but this new MX922 doesn't work correctly on my WiFi network. And the only thing that's changed is the printer (all the other PCs and printers and the Wifi router are the same as before and still work just fine). The new MX922 goes to sleep and can't be woken up from any PC on my network (to print or scan). The old MX870 NEVER had a problem on this WiFI network and NEVER had a problem with sleep mode. I also still have two MX890s that still work just fine. When the MX922 stops responding to pings, the blue WiFi logo on the front is on, and the Network Configuration Page always says "Connection Active" (but it's not).  Any suggestions that it's my router or my PC driver's fault is nonsense. It's clearly a MX922 WiFi bug which Canon needs to fix ASAP.


Over the past few weeks I've discovered that if the printer goes to sleep for an extended period it frequently "loses" it's WiFi connection and nothing I do from my PC will let me print to or scan from it. Basically it stops responding to pings (which tells me that its WiFi network connection is the issue). I usually discover the printer is offline line first thing Monday AM (after the office has been closed all weekend).


When the MX922 goes into a coma the only way I've found to wake it up is to either power-cycle it, or do go into the Device Settings menu and print out the current Network Configuration Page (it sometimes starts printing/scanning again when I exit out of the menus). AND sometimes after waking it up via the menu trick it operates very very slowly (like the Wifi connection is poor or congested) and I end up having to power cycle it to fix it. I shouldn't ever have to power cycle the printer just to wake it up (especially since it probably uses up some ink to recharge the print head each time it powers on).


Since I got it about 6 weeks ago, this printer has gone into a coma about once a week. Recently I tried disabling the Wireless DRX option and that seems to have made it worse. Since I disabled that option, It's gone into a coma 3 times in the past two days.






First thing I did when I bought this printer is assigned a static IP to it.  I always have to turn the printer off and then on again after I send a job to it if it's been idle more that a couple of days.  I'm looking forward to dumping this sorry printer in the near future.  

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It's your printers job to reconnect and renew DHCP.  How is that not in your firmware already?


I'm having this same Pixma MX922 printer problem: works fine - once connected to wifi - and did for months and months. Without anything changing with the hardware setup or the wifi setup - Pixma MX922 started losing connection to the wifi. 


Every single day.


I would go through the jumps via the menus to reconnect it - worked all that day/eve with no issue.


Next day: cannot find the printer on wifi. I'd go through the process to reconnect it. Worked fine the rest of that day/eve - only to repeat the sequence day after day of losing connection.


What's up, Canon???



Here is ONE very small possibility. This connection is via the Mac/Apple - iPad - iPhone - Macbook system software. This was NOT an issue with iOS 7.0 and derivatives; nor was it with iOS 8.0 or 8.1...or up through Yosemite v.10.10.


BUT... it has been now with Yosemite v.10.10.2 as well as with iOS 8.2 on my iPad AND iPhone.


So...I'm wondering if Canon is running behind on the Pixma MX922 software update to keep in sync with the Apple system software updates?


Are only Mac/Apple people having hardware/wifi issues with this printer? Or...are some of you on PC's?

I'm having the same problem.

Any updates?

Max OSx 10.9.v with Time Capsule or whatever router

It worked fine for several months but all of a sudden a few days ago it started acting up. I have to turn the printer off and then back on each time before use.

No word from Canon about this really irritating MX922's strange disconnect on a repeating basis of the wifi connection.

All I know is this is my first & last Canon ever.

Such a poorly designed user interface in paper management & operation deserves no loyalty.


At least now I know that I am not going crazy.  This is a wireless printer that you might as well tie to your neck and walk around with it.  Shameful that Canon will not respond, but I think that they are looking at tens of thousands of defective units in the market with no way to patch or fix them. Canon used to be the best name in the printer business and now all you get is a total plastic box that mechincally breaks easily and software that is released with little to no testing.  There is a correlation between the low price of this high-end home printer and this massive failure of a whole product.  Canon believes it must compete in the pricing game, and now "Canon quality" means very little. Too bad.  Any recommendations out there for a reliable, high quality home/small business printer?  (I also agree with the "one tray" comment---the model number went up but the functionality and quality went down.)


I'm in the same boat. My MX922 stops talking to the wifi network once it's gone to sleep. I have to either power cycle it or join it again to the WiFi network. Printer is a piece of garbage. I tried the "fixes" of turning off IPv6 and disabling the DRX setting. Hasn't made a difference at all.


I've had this problem as well using a new MacBook Air and new AirPort Time Capsule.  Whenever the printer goes to sleep, the wireless connection is lost.  A few weeks ago I was able to re-establish connection by tapping the Copy button to wake it up, but today even that didn't work.  Whenver the printer went to sleep, I had to setup the wireless with my password again to to print.  


I've now setup the printer using the AirPort Utility and it seems to be working.  I learned about it on the YouTube video, "Easily Connect a WPS Printer to Apple Airport Extreme" at  It explains that you can add a WPS printer through Base Station menu of Airport Utility.  No need to enter codes or passwords--just have the AirPort search for the printer, then have the printer do a WLAN Setup to look for a connection.  After about a minute, they find each other and you're connected.  


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't lose the connection again.

I agree with other users this printer has become a giant doorstop after about 6 months of working correctly.


I have an Apple Airport Time Capsule for a router and OSX 10.10.4 on all our computers.  I can no longer airprint with IOS 8.4 or via the wireless network from the computers.    The last time the printer worked correctly was two weeks ago. 


Up until that time it was fine.  It is our 3rd and last Canon printer.  It replaced an MX860 that had a 'heart attack' one day after 4 years of service.  We are an Apple shop and I am checking with my Apple friends as to a recommendation.


Talked  with Apple Care last week for over an hour and it ran for a while for one computer.  Now it is back to 'coma mode' and nothing seems to wake it up.


The power cycle game worked with 10.10.3 but now NADA (nothing) with 10.10.4 and IOS 8.4


The total silence from Canon on this issue makes me believe they don't know how to fix it or don't care about Apple users.     Are there any Canon engineers monitoring this forum?


My recommendation is to forget Canon and find another brand.


Good bye Canon and back to Costco with this door stop.






Solved problem   took printer back to Costco and bought a new Brother printer recommend by my Apple maintenance person.


Been a loyal canon user for years but this problem of having the printer go into a coma was a real problem.  


Canon keeps blaming the router but in looking at the thread we are all using many different routers.  So Canon why don't you own the problem and stop blaming the user?



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