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MP Navigator X and macOS Mojave


My father has a canon scanner Lide 110 that uses MP Navigator X.

That software does not longer work with macOS Mojave, it wont even start. That sucks.

Does anyone know of a good scanning software that works with Lide 110?

Preferably software that detects multiple photos and saves them individually as jpegs.




Here's something you can try..


Keep your MP Navigator 3.1 installed (for now)


Install the MP Navigator 4 from the link canon asia link above


go to Applications/Canon Utilities


Right click on MP Navigator 4 and select "Show Package Contents"

Navigate to Contents > Plugins > Database

You will see a bunch of .plist files -- these correspond to the scanners that the asia 4.0 version of the app supports


Right click on MP Navigator 3.1 and select "Show Package Contents"

Navigate to Contents > Plugins > Database

You will see a bunch of .plist files -- these correspond to the scanners that the us 3.1 version of the app supports


Copy the files from the 3.1 database folder to the 4.0 database folder


Now when you start MP Naviagor 4 it will launch correctly and find your scanner.


I have not analyzed the contents of these plist files so I'm not 100% sure if this will work, but the contents of the files in the 3.1 version look pretty similar to the ones provided in the 4.0 version.

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Product Expert
Product Expert



Make sure that the latest drivers and MP Navigator versions are being used.  Visit the following link to download the latest versions for Mojave:


CanoScan LiDE 110 Drivers & Downloads


If the program still does not launch correctly, troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

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What's the answer for those of us that have relied on the MP Navigator (EX 5.1 in my case)?


Absent a response from someone from support or product at Canon I'll conclude that even purchase of a new Canon MX printer will not allow me the functionality that I'm acustom to.


Mojave 10.14 appears to require a 64 bit application which I understand MP Navigator is not.


Absent an answer on MP Navigator please describe how I'd scan from my computer with a new Canon MX 9xx printer.



Todd L.

Hi ToddL214,


The MP Navigator program has been retired, and is not supported on newer models.  For Mac users, the new program is IJ Scan Utility Lite, which uses the same driver (ScanGear) utilized by MP Navigator, with additional options and a simpler interface.  It is also possible to scan using Mac's native imaging program, Image Capture.


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Retiring MP Navigator X for newer scanner models if fine -- but what about support for older models still in use like my LIDE 700F? 

Will the new program IJ Scan Utility support the older scanners like my LIDE 700F -- ?? THIS HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED; which is what most of us in this group are looking for.


I not, then I don't why it is so difficult to RE-COMPILE the original source code of these old Scanners using a 64-bit compiler.

If Canon can't do it, then I think they should make these sources codes available in the open domain;

I am sure there are some expert geeks out there who would be willing to RE-COMPLILE them using 64-bit compilers and help out those of us still using older Canon scanners - which are still working and in excellent shape.


Thank you for your response and solution.


Can you point me to a link for download with installation and use instructions that will help me to use the IJ Scan Utility Lite to get my scan from computer function running again?


Here's what I've tried so far...


I have not found the IJ Scan Utility Lite on any Canon website to download.  I attempted to find it on the support webpage of the Pixma MX922 printer without success and also a search of the support site didn't get any hits.  Three drivers appear on the MX922 site and some reading tells me the IJ Scan Utility is bundled as part of the "Twain drivers" but there is no indication of which one is the Twain set.  After downloading the top MX922 driver set I realize I don't now how to connect that to my MX712 anyway once the download is installed.


I also investigated whether Scan Utility was part of my previous installations for the Canon MX712 I own and use.  Although the IJ Scan Utility is mentioned, (without "Lite"), and the manual says you can run the Scan Utiltity from other applications.  That all being said, I can't figure out how to get the Scan Utility running independent of MP Navigator.


I appreciate your continued effort to help me out.


Todd L.





So I just ran into this.  Found ij scan lite and have to say i feel like I went back 10 years.   Does not seem to be able to do slides.   PHoto seems to have not auto detection.  Don't seem to have any controls.    100 bucks for VueScan to get slide capability puts me inline for purchasing another "NON canon" printer.   Wow you could not just recompile makes some fixes and re-releases for Mojave.  


Blunt time (I build software for a living) 


If you cannot maintain your software for your hardware in the field,  get out of the business.   You are more than happy to grab our money for when we purchase the printer, but when it comes down to supporting you are very quick to leave us hanging.   


Not asking for brand new,  asking to keep up with the time.  64Bit version that works.  This IJ Scan Utility is a joke and is one step above built in support. 


Shame, Shame, Shame...  I have a 8220 and I found the IJ utility by googling.   it works but it sucks!.


Is this really your plan to support your Mac user base going forward?   Time to run out the ink and look for an alternative. 


First you give me a Printer that does not do Google Cloud Printer even though it should.   Don't blame Google even if they changed something.   Then you replace a really good complement to your printer/scanners with a pile of Mud.   UGH!

hi there,


I have downloaded the ij scan utility lite mac, but, seems that it was searching for the printer and wasn't able to, however I was able to print perfect, I even check the network and be able to share the printer.  no luck


please help us if you have any update for the scan tools or any other recommendations.


thank you!!



Hi TsaiCo,


You also have the option of using the native Macintosh Image Capture program.


  1. Click the Finder icon in the Dock at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Click on "Go" in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.

  3. Select "Applications."

  4. Select "Image Capture."

  5. If you see the message "No camera or scanner is selected," hover your mouse over "Shared," then press "Show."

  6. Select your printer.

  7. You can press "Scan" to begin immediately, or "Show Details" for more options.

This didn't answer your question or issue? Please contact us at one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.


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thank you for that...


funny thing is my wife computer can pick up the scanner, and my can't...


basically, I don't see anything when i hoover my mouse to "share" or "device"Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 22.50.56.png


if you have any other suggestion, please help. thanks!

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