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MG5720 Scanning Issues When Scanning Directly from Printer


Although this problem is not entirely new, it is something I've been trying to understand as of late due to a recent development. My Canon MG5720 was initially setup to use a USB connection but within the past year or so have been setup for wireless printing. Printing is not a problem but other operations related to scanning seem to cause problems. When I try to scan a document by using the controls located on the printer, it tells me to please select the operation through my laptop instead. When I do the same thing for my mom's laptop though, it works perfectly without a fuss even though both computers are Windows 10 and appear to have the same programs and drivers for the printer. I'm not sure how or if this can be rectified for my laptop since scanning documents with multiple pages is difficult through the tool as opposed to the controls on the printer. I did install the tool for scanning and such yet it still says for me to start the scan via my laptop and won't accept starting it from the printer.




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Hi Blane95,


To troubleshoot this issue please open the IJ Scan Utility program on your computer and confirm that the MG5700 series Network printer is listed next to the product name. If it is not clicked on the drop-down list and select the printer's name so it is displayed. Next, confirm that your computer and printer are on the same network, this can be done by printing a test page. Once the test page is complete, confirm that the second computer is not connected to the network. This is to ensure that the correct computer is communicating with the printer when we check the screen.


  1. On the printer press the HOME icon.
  2. Next press the FUNCTION button under Scan.
  3. Press OK for the displayed message on the screen.
  4. Select the currently listed printer on the screen.
  5. Perform a test scan.
  6. Does the test scan go to your computer? By default, the software is set to send all documents scans to the documents folder.