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MG3520 Google Cloud Print and Firmware Problems


I purchased the MG3520 printer a few months ago because it was advertised as working with Google Cloud Print.  I finally got around to trying to set it up on my Chromebook a week ago.  I went to the printer's Remote UI and registered with Google Cloud Print.  Everything seemed to work fine, however, the printer was always in an "offline" status on Google and I was not able to actual print via Google Cloud Print.  Searching around the internet I found a possible solution in upgrading the firmware.  So, back at the printer's Remote UI page I clicked "Install Update" and the print's firmware was updated from 1.041 to 1.101.  Still though Google Cloud Print would only register the printer as "offline" .  I then attempted to retry the Google Cloud Print registration process by first clicking "Delete from Google Cloud Print" but a message appeared stating "Not Registered With Google Cloud Print".  Not thinking this was a problem, I tried going through the Registration process but was met with a "Fail to Register with Google Cloud Print" after the "Authentication" page.  Trying to check the Firmware status it says 1.101 but clicking "Install Update" it says "Failed to Update. Check the Printer".  Checking a bunch of different settings I found that printer still works in the through the "Remote UI > Utilities" the "Print the Head Alignment Value" actually prints. 


My questions are: What did Firmware 1.101 do that now Google Cloud Print won't even register?  Why does the communication to the printer for Firmware updates now seem broke, preventing any future updates?


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Product Expert
Product Expert



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