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MF644CDW scan-to-email direct from scanner to email not working



I want to scan directly from my MF644CDW printer/scanner to an email address

However, the setup is complicated as it requires going into the Web-based user interface at 192.168.1.x. The Canon online instructions say I need to setup a Google/Gmail SMTP address in the user interface, change port numbers for SMTP etc etc

But when I do this exactly as per instructions, nothing is emailed. I am thus unable to scan-to-email direct from the printer to an email address.

It seems that Google have blocked Canon printer/scanners from doing this function as Google say the Canon 'app' (in the printer/scanner) is insecure.

Help! What is the solution? Or workaround?



You can use any email solution you wish.


Microsoft 365



Whats important? Using the correct username and password, specifying the correct SMTP server address, using the correct port and security.

If you want to use Google, try:

Full gmail address

Password: You'll need to set up an app password

SMTP Server:

Requires SSL: Yes

Requires TLS: Yes (if available)

Requires Authentication: Yes

Port for SSL: 465

Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587 (Try port 587 first, then 465 if that doesn't work)

App Password

You use app passwords for clients that do not support Modern Authentication.  Just about all of Canon's consumer printers do not.  To use App passwords, you must have 2factor authentication enabled on your gmail account.  If you don't already, enable it now.  (Protect yourself).  

Both 2factor auth and App Passwords are enabled / configured in the same location.  Gmail > Account > Security.  


Then Security (nav pane) on left


Then App Password (middle of page)


Follow the instructions.  Select other, other and name it "Printer 644" or whatever you want.  Then Generate.  It will generate a 16 digit alpha password.  Copy this and use it for the password on the printer



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