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MF633/635 wireless scan function doesn't work; wireless print function DOES work.


For the last three years, I've been enjoying my Canon MF633/635 laser printer.  But lately I've experienced a strange problem that I haven't been able to solve.

The printer has a connection to my home wifi network and it operates 100% wireless.  But lately, I can't scan a document and have it sent wireless to my computer like I used to.  But at the same time, I have no problem having my computer order a print. 

So in on instance (inbound) the printer functions correctly with a wireless connection, while it doesn't work in the other direction (outbound).

If tried turning the modem, computer and printer on and off, but that hasn't worked.  Any suggestions??






This problem is now solved with the help of the Canon help desk Netherlands.  In order to help others, I post their instructions and information here:

In order to be able to print and scan with the MF635cx, it is desirable that two different drivers are installed. The UFR II drivers are used for printing/ the ScanGear drivers are used for scanning. There may be times when one of the drivers no longer functions optimally. This may mean that you can print and not scan, or vice versa.

In order for your MF635cx to function optimally again in printing and scanning, it may be necessary to reinstall both drivers. But the installation should detect the MF635cx. Because you indicate that the MF635cx is now shown as offline, we first want to make sure that the communication of the MF635cx and network is set up correctly again. If this is set correctly, we can reinstall the drivers.

That is why we would like to ask you to take the following steps on the MF635cx:

  • Navigate to Menu from the home screen
  • Then select the Preferences and choose Network.
  • Here it is desired to log in with your System Administrator ID and PIN. If you have modified this, you can enter it. If you have not changed this you can enter the default ID and PIN. The Default ID is 7654321, the Default PIN is 7654321.
  • Then choose Settings Wireless LAN and select SSID Settings.
  • Then choose Select Access Point. Your MF635cx will now search for available networks nearby. You may select your own network and enter the password.
  • You may then confirm the connection. If you get the message Connected, the connection was successful. Then choose Close.

Your MF635cx will now take a moment to configure the new connection. If this is successful, we would like to ask you to feed this back to us. If you are not yet able to print and/or scan, we will send you the steps to reinstall the drivers.

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