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MF416dw - Driver install can't find network printer


I have this printer printing from two different Linux hosts.  Oddly enough, I'd Windows (7) that's giving me a problem... run the installer, it says it cannot find the printyer, even though I can ping it and access the UI.  rinter is connected via Ethernet to router.  I have tried searching by IP.

Recreated on second Windows 7 laptop.  Installer is broken.  I installed with the generic PCL6 driver and that works, but clearly a lot of functionality will be missing.  Hopefully Canon fixes this.  I'm not too happy with a brand-new $170 printer.





Does the printer have a static IP or is it using DHCP?


What is the printer's IP address, SM and gateway?


So you can ping the printer from a command prompt, and access it's webserver from any browser?


You can add it to windows using it's IP, but when you run the installer package it fails to find / detect the printer?


You are using this installer MF410MFDriverV2155W64usEN.exe Please download and save this file locally before running it.


You're instaling the printer under a user acct that had admin privledges?




Are you using AV software other than Windows Defender?  If yes, try temporarily disabling it.


Have you tried disabling the windows Firewall?


I doubt the installer is "broken"


If neccessary, try setting the printer's IP, SM and GW manually, the run the install software again.


Online manual for reference







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2. GW  Yes, the laptops are on the same subnet.


3. Yes


4. Yes


5. Yes


6. Yes


7. No


8. Disabled


9. The installer doesn't work.  That's kind of the definition of "broken".  Best case, it's extremely fragile, and is looking for things it doesn't need, and will only work under a limited, undocumented set of circumstances.  Installing a printer hasn't been magic for decades now.

10. What difference could that make, other than the printer and it's firmware / installer being far too fragile?  An IP address is an IP address.

Thanks for answering.  You're right, installing a printer isn't rocket science. 


You seem to have an understanding of TCP IP networking and requirements.


When you search for your printer's model here, yours is the only post I could find.  So no other reports of issues.  Time to contact Canon support. They wrote the installer and are likely in the best position to determine if their software is "broken" or fragile.


Nice if you could post back after you figure out what the issue is.   

Bay Area - CA

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So the email support is useless... a couple of generic suggestions that have no relevance, then "We give up."


When I have the time to call the 800 number, I'll give that a shot.  I may also connect it with USB, try to install that way, and then add a network port to the installed printer.  Funny, it was easier to install this printer under Linux (which is what I really care about), but the scanner isn't supported by SANE yet.


I'm really, really disappointed in this purchase.


Hi jnojr,


Based on the specfic issue described,  It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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