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LBP122dw -- Ventura 13.6 drivers???


It began with the printer not printing -- it claimed to be offline, when it was turned on and USB plugged in.  I googled and apparently that's a common error.  It said to delete and reinstall, but no luck.  There are no messages on the screen -- just what looks like a meter, possible to the toner?  And it's at the 1/6th position, so it's not completely out of ink -- if that's even a toner display.  I can't find any legend showing what it might be.

it wasn't working when my operating system was 13.5.  I had a new update (to 13.6) so I updated to see if maybe that would help.  

I tried unplugging everything, hoping it would reset things.  No luck.  

the arrows and ok button have no effect on the led screen.  Please Help!  This is a fairly new printer.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Lolaeliz,

If the printer is stating that is offline and the button panel is not responding, it looks like there is a problem with the hardware. In this situation, you can try unplugging the printer from the power and then pressing the power button 10 times while the printer is unplugged. After that, you can plug the printer into a different power source and you can try turning it on. If the operation panel still does not respond, it looks like the printer needs service. You can try logging into your MyCanon account or contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666 to check your available service options.


Thank you.  I called Canon and they replaced the printer.  But I would have liked to try what you suggest here.  

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