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ImageClass D530 driver installation won't complete.


 I have continuing issues with a USB Canon D530 laser printer after a clean Win 10 installation on the host computer, including sharing it to my laptop over WiFi. Both computers are running Win 10 ver 22H2, build 19045.3448. I'm also using the latest version of Canon's printer driver on both devices.

Prior to the clean install, the printer worked perfectly with both computers. I’ve since installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the Canon driver and the printer devices multiple times on both, and restarted the print spoolers more times than I can count. I finally have the printer working (again) on the host computer, the one to which the printer is connected via USB. However, in Device Manager, the Event Log still shows the driver as needing “further installation.”  It also shows the dreaded "Event 430, Kernel-PnP." have yet to figure out how to resolve that. 

On my laptop, the printer is recognized by Windows. However, sending a document to print from that device still fails – no error message, it just goes to the queue / spooler, and sits there until I delete it. When initially installing the printer on that device, Windows repeatedly returned a “Cannot connect to printer” message. Device Manager does not show any printer available, although it DOES show a print queue for it. I suppose that may be because there’s no printer physically attached to the laptap. It only connects over WiFi to my desktop, the host computer.

I should add that using WiFi to remotely access files on my host computer from my laptop still works fine. Only the printer is causing problems. Also, printer troubleshooting doesn’t result in any solutions. I’ve even twice updated the Realtek network driver, and still, nothing.

Also, I can physically connect the printer to my laptop via USB, and I'm able to print. The problem is getting it to print over WiFi.

I appreciate in advance any suggestions from anyone.



Product Expert
Product Expert


The D530 series printer, is one of our USB only laser multifunctions. Unfortunately, this model does not have the ability to connect to a network and print wirelessly. If you are getting that error while printer sharing, I would suggest contacting Windows or the company that made the computer to check for any security or setting issues that could be getting in the way.


Just to clarify, nowhere in my post did I indicate that I was trying to use the D530 wirelessly. I'm well aware that the D530 has no native wireless capability. Apparently either my post was unclear to you, or you simply misread it.

I repeat - the printer is connected via USB to my host desktop computer. I connect to my desktop from my laptop via wi-fi,.then to the printer through Windows printer sharing. That's completely different from the setup you seem to be thinking of. I have successfully used that configuration for years, until the recent clean Windows 10 install.

In the months that have passed since my OP, I think I have finally sorted out all but one of the issues - sending a document to print from my laptop now results in "Error printing on D530." Both machines report successful completion of driver installation, all sharing protocols appear to be correct, and no Troubleshooters indicate any problems at all.

My inability to complete a print job from my laptop may well be a Windows 10 issue. However, if so, I have yet to figure out how to resolve it.

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Rising Star

Did the unit come with a disc that contained drivers? If so and it is available and there is a way to run it on the computer, try reloading off of the disk. 🤔

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