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I changed my internet provider and now my Mac can't find the PIXMA TS302


Hi -  I just changed providers and the Pixma TR302 printer can't seem to find the modem.   I looked all over the Canon manual I had and there were no directions I am mystified.  So I went and took the Canon folder off my Mac and thought I'd get a new driver.   No way.  There are not listed for the sight I they said the Mac Airprint should do it.  I tried that on my iPhone and my Mac.   No joy.   If I had a USB cable, maybe I could do it that way but I can't find one.  What should I do?  I need to get something printed ASAP.  Can someone help me?




Maybe you can find help here:

Canon Support for PIXMA TS302 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Agree with John, under Wi-Fi Help.


This will redirect to the Canon Knowledgebase, and provide instructions specific to your OS.  To reconfigure wireless, you typically re-run the set up or installation.  

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