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How to setup new PIXMA MG2525 without Software disk


I recently purchased a new PIXMA MG2525 printer for my home laptop, but it came with a CD-ROM to set it up that I cannot use because my laptop is a newer model which does not have a disk drive at all. The so called 'Support Articles' provided are not helpful, on top of the fact that I cannot Register my new device on my account, because it is not being shown. I will try calling the 800-GO-CANON number tomorrow, but it is after operating hours now. I was hoping instead to get an answer here as to how I can install the new printer on my Windows 11 laptop without needing the disk, as I am not confident in being able to actually get a live human on the phone call because I cannot register the device yet.

  • How can I completely install this new printer on my device is my first question??
  • How can I get my Canon Account to pick up the new printer to register it is my second question??

Any help will be greatly appreciated and Thanks up front!!




Hello zlloyd0,


Find all of the available drivers and downloads on your printer's product support page HERE. To register your printer, be sure to locate and input your serial number as this is how your device will be linked to your account. If you need one on one setup support, we do suggest reaching out to our friendly support team who will be happy to help. Register your printer and find all of your support options, including our 800 number, within your My Canon account at


We hope this helps! 


Just an additional note to clarify that our support number is 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).  Hope to help you soon!

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