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How to install a Canon Maxify 5450 on a Chromebook


I'm trying to use a Maxify 5450 on a Chromebook. Under the printer setup dialogue in ChromeOS the printer is found in the network. According to Canon support this printer is compatible via native printer support, but I always get the message that automatic setup of this printer is not possible and I need to go through manual installation. In the drop-down menu for Canon printers not a single Maxify model is listed and I cannot find a PPD file which could be provided instead. Also Canon support is unable to send me a PPD file.....

Interstingly, under the below link, only the MB5420 is listed as being compatible, but I assume, that 5420 and 5450 only differ in the number and size of paper cassettes!?

Does anyone have an idea what to do - or where to get the respective PPD file?

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