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How do I remove Canon " My Image Garden" from the desktop when turning on my computer ?


How do I remove Canon " My Image Garden" from the desktop when turning on my computer ?  I have the icon but the program starts up and I have to delete it manually  from the desktop to clear my screen for other work...



to remove from desk top, delete shortcut


to stop it from starting up with use of the scanner... 

I have a MG7720


open IJ scan UtilityCanon IJ Scan Utility.jpg


open settings in the left low corner  of the IJ scan Utility window

go to every option and chose to send to a windows folder instead of myimage garden


I'm sure there is a format for it but canon won't share


I just made sure that my imagegarden was not any option


prevents myimagetorture from opening and sends scanned images to a windows folder for trouble free use 


disappointed in this printer, can't handle odd size papers and envelopes, jams more than my previous pixma, takes forever to get ready to print... and, poor instruction... 

should be easy to answer a queston like this


I was laughing a couple years ago when website challanges meant it took me 25 minutes to order cartridges and then, the order wouldn't process because canon was out of the "free photo paper" I didn't want or need... 

and, there was no option to decline it


and, when I spoke to canon reps, they couldn't understand why I found that to be a problem or, why I was not willing to wait on hold for 40 minutes to order cartridges as I did the time before... 


good for a laugh but not for customer service 






In Windows, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Select Task Manager. Select the Startup tab. Look for Canon Quick Menu. Select it and click the Disable button at the bottom. It should change from Enabled to Disabled.

This does not uninstall the Quick Menu. No need to. You can open it from the Start Menu when you want to use it. It just won't start automatically when Windows opens.

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