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Give Canon MG3620 its own SSID?


I just recently purchased a Canon PIXMA MG3620; however, I am having issues with connecting to the printer. I have followed all of the instructions, installed all drivers, and downloaded even the full set of software, and have successfully printed a test page, but while I can see the printer on the network, it is not broadcasting its own SSID to which I should be able to connect by providing a password.

Is there a way for it to broadcast its SSID so that I can connect to it that way? The current method(s) of connectivity (and RemoteUI) are really cumbersome. I just want to be able to turn the printer on, see its SSID from a computer, enter the password, and have Windows automatically install the driver(s) and be off to the races.

Please let me know.



To be clear, I do not want access point mode.

I asked my original question because it seems that any nearby wireless device — even if not on the same network — can just connect to my printer so long as the Wi-Fi on the printer is enabled (despite having an administrator password configured, which seems to only prevent changes to printer settings).

Is there a way to only connect to the printer by inputting the SSID and / or password?