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Driver Issue / Windows 11 Support for PIXMA MX410


I can plug in my MX410 to my XPS 13 which is running Windows 11 and my PC can SEE the printer in My Devices when plugged in via USB but no drivers available on the site are allowing the driver install process to detect the printer during installation. I am assuming this is because no drivers have been made compatible for windows 11 but would appreciate staff verification or any sort of work around.

Thank you


Edit: If this is due to lack of windows 11 compatible drivers if there is any ETA for publishing that would be appreciated too. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi rossb92,

The PIXMA MX410 is not officially supported with Windows 11, but the Windows 10 drivers should work.  Please use this link:

Once that page loads, please choose Windows 10 or Windows 10 x64 from the Operating System drop down box.  Please download and install "MX410 series MP Driver Ver. 1.02 (Windows)" from that page.

You are eligible for Canon's Upgrade Program. This is for out of warranty units which have been diagnosed to require service, or for some reason are incompatible with a new or upgraded system. This option allows you a one-time opportunity to purchase a replacement product, discounted from the list price.

If you would like to take part in this option, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 Monady throuigh Saturday, 9am to 9pm. Let them know you have been working with technical support and the Canon Upgrade Program was offered.


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I'm having the same problem with Windows 11, which will not accept either of the Win 10 drivers for the Pixma MX410.  Will Canon be issuing an updated driver?  Thanks.


Hi All,

Has anybody had success solving this issue? 

Thank you so much

I have recently upgraded to windows 11 and am having the same problem with my MX410 drivers not installing. Any firm solution out there?


This is a late reply, but I was able to get around the problem of using the MX410 with Windows 11. What worked for me was to unplug the printer from a Superspeed USB 3.0 port (blue center) and plug it back into a regular USB 2.0 port. I was then able to install the Windows 10 driver and the printer was recognized and prints good..


Hi -- I never obtained an updated driver, but a month or two after my posting my Windows 11 computer miraculously recognized the MX410 as a wireless printing option.  Of course that was after I bought a new printer thinking the 410 wouldn't work any longer.



No drivers for Windows 11 exist for the MX410.

However, W10 drivers should work:

Canon Support for PIXMA MX410 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

When you install a USB device, the drivers should be installed first, before connecting the device.  Problems can arise if these steps are not followed, including future detection issues.  In that case, you can review Device Manager with the device connected, and see if it appears with errors, yellow triangle 🔺, red exclamation point 

You may need to delete it and force re-detection or point it to the folder or directory where drivers for it exist.  If you are connecting wirelessly, these instructions may help.


Slide 1 (


Slide 1 (

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I want to let everyone know the work around so I can help people. 

You have to use the WPS button on your router to connect the printer with your internet.

1. Get windows 10 drivers

64 bit

32 bit

2. On printer, go to lan setup and wps push button method. Click it after clicking the router wps push button method so its flashing, then the printer will connect to the router. Follow instructions for WPS push button connect for printer, router. If not, read about how to do wps push button method.

3 Once its connected go into printer settings in windows 11 and go to "add device" and the mx410 will be there for you to then install. Install it and now youre ready to print wirelessly. 


Does this printer have an android app? We could still use it to print from the phone too! 

Btw, I am on the developer channel windows 11 update function which means I have the newest not stable updates for windows 11.  So anyways, its working here for me and I hope it works for you.