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Default File Location for My Image Garden Saved Disc Label Files


I have been burned once and trying to avoid it happening a second time....


My computer hard drive became corrupt and I had it replaced.  I faithfully backed up my data files - but not able to do so for the disc label files I created in Canon's My Image Garden application.   As best I can tell, the application does not have a preference option to set or change the file location for my custom labels.  Now that I have reinstalled the printer software (including My Image Garden software) I would like to include these files in my backups.   Please advise.  


I would use your file / folder search function. You need to enable to search hidden folders and sub folders Search for DiscLabelPrint folder and under that should be the work folder. The dot mig folders should be there.


First of all, Canon Inc. make the best hardware goods in my opinion. Their SLR cameras, video cameras, printers and scanners are second to none. All of which I own. I tried other brands and ended up selling them.


Unfortunately, when it comes to their software, it fails dismally. Even the names put me off. Canon My Image Garden! How crass is that?.


About 3 months after posting my comment, I un-installed all Canon software except their drivers. I use 3rd party programs for disc labelling and printing DVD cover inserts and managing photos and videos.

Here is the mac location of these files.

I have tested this on High Sierra and Catalina and it's the same.


/Users/username/Library/Containers/ Support/Canon/My Image Garden/AddOn/DiscLabelPrint/work


Note the user library folder is hidden by default.  To view hidden files on recent OSX versions press Command-Shift-. in finder (the third key is the decimal point).


A simple copy of the DiscLablePrint folder from one mac to another (or restore from backup) will transfer the disk lable saved files.


I too agree that it's very poor showing by Canon not to provide some sort of export/import functionality for these as a lot of time can be invested in creating them.  



Thanks for the answer so I don't have to recreate everything. 


Canon needs to join the real world and give more usability! 



Yes, VERY helpful information. Why did their programmers make this SO difficult? It's this sort of behaviour that reduces trust in these products. 

What programs are those?  I also am very disapointed in My Image Garden (too many short comings - like the one mentioned here).


I however am on a PC.  But, maybe your programs have PC versions.

I am a programmer too, and if I pulled a "stunt" like Canon did by hiding their saved locations (and Not being able to change it) - I would be out of a job!

I found a save of     My Image Garden     in C:    


  C:\Users\my name\Pictures\My Image Garden


My Image Garden    was saved some months ago.  It comtained only one image that I had saved.


C is a SSD.  Except for some executables, I try to run out of the 😧 drive.



I also found a save

D:\Users\Michael Blizzard\Documents\My Pictures\My Image Garden


I'm scanning off a Canon printer using Image Garden, Windows 10, and yeah for sure, makes one angry when you can't save a file where you want on your own computer.  BUT....I found out via Trial and Error....for my scanned images and scan to PDFs...this works for me to save them to where I can find them AND so you can back them up too.  I open Windows Explorer, make a folder where I want to put my files, open that folder.  Then I grab my scan with the mouse from the Image Garden, and just drag it over to my new folder in Windows Explorer, and there is my file, easy to find!  I hope that works for you too!

Thanks for that! I'm a Mac user and I gave up trying to use the Canon Disc Label program last year when I discovered Swift Publisher which can do exactly the same including the actual printing. In respect of saving images, tragically that Canon program has to be one of the most amateurish efforts I've ever come across.  

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