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Currently going crazy PIXMA TS5150 (will not connect)




As of yesterday evening my computer and printer do not connect, I have tried everything and everything I can think of.. I think it either has to do with a AVAST VPN ISSUE, Windows 10 update or a network change. I for the life of me do not know HOW I can make sure both laptop and printer have the same SSID. 


I have however tried the following. 


- Tried several times to change LAN settings, or reactivate it, nothing

- Tried several times to connect to my WIFI, nope

- Tried connecting to the printer manually (password was not accepted)

- Tried installing a kazillion times but it would not connect.

- Printer does work with a cable (but that is not what I bought it for, I bought it so I could finally escape my previous PIXMA that only worked with a USB-cable. I want to be ablet to print from wherever I want).


So.. what is this exactly? A Windows update Issue or is the printer, less  than one year old mind you, or AVAST compability one.

Help please?? Thank you.


P.s. For reference I live in The Netherlands..