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Canon TS3122 - Canon IJ Scan Utility and Network Scanner Selection versions in SUMo


I have a Canon TS3122 printer.  I'm using SUMo to update various pieces of software.  SUMo tells me that I need new versions of the Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector EX2 and Canon IJ Scan Utility software pieces.  SUMo says v2.0.10.328 and v. are available respectively.

I have download the MP driver package that is supposed to include both of these from Canon's support page for the TS3122.  The versions SUMo says I need are NOT the ones that get installed from the MP driver installation.

Anyone else using SUMo to keep their software updated, and running into similar issues for Canon software.  I'm afraid this may be some kind of "false positive" situation.

Does anyone know what the current versions of the Selector EX2 and Scan Utility programs?  Do they match what versions SUMo says is available?

Thanks for your time and help.



SUMo - I'm sure its great open source software.  Until tonight, I've never heard of it.  Maybe someone else has experience with it.  

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