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Canon Print App - How to change page print order


What happened to the page printing order in the Canon Print app?  Before if I printed multiple pages from my iPhone or iPad it printed last-to-first but recently it’s been printing first-to-last!  Why is this happening?  I have NOT changed ANY settings on my end.

Note this is only happening if I print from my iPhone or iPad, it still prints last-to-first if I print from my Dell notebook computer.



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This is unacceptable.  Don't give me this "time-sensitive" nonsense.  Furthermore, I had already searched everywhere I could BEFORE even posting & found absolutely nothing whatsoever related to this so telling me to do something I had already done is a complete waste of my time.  It should not talk (over) 4 days to get an answer!  Yet you delete my repost?  Completely unacceptable....