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Canon Pixma 2160 network scanning




Canon Pixma MG2160 and Windows 10 1909. Upgraded PC hardware and cloned Windows to new NVME M.2. Had to reinstall printer drivers as printing did not work after upgrade.

Chose network printing like it was setup before, and while the install found the printer on the wireless network ok, printing works but scanning either to, or from the printer doesn't.


Have tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall the 5 year old drivers, but scanning will not work at all. Is there any troubleshooting tools for scanning provided by Canon, or other troubleshooting tips?




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Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thank you for your inquiry!


We appreciate your participation, however, we need to let you know that the Canon Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.


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Hi Porcha Thank you for your kind reply. I understand this formality, but for reasons you are probably acutely aware of, there is insufficient community support for Canon products, like this forum, elsewhere in the world. I'll take my chances! To anybody else, the printer is currently running on a USB cable which works perfectly well, but not ideal. I can confirm that it is not the drivers, as another computer with a clean install of Windows 10 scans wirelessly successfully. Also, it is an MB2160, not an MG2160.