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Canon PIXMA MG3620 Won't connect Wirelessly to PC


OS: Windows 10

Wireless internet

Canon PIXMA MG3620



I only purchased it as a scanner, and do not have it set up to print. It's been working for a few months, but sometimes it stops connecting to the wireless for no reason. Usually rebooting my PC, or the scanner will fix this. 


This time it won't and I don't know what to do.


I've rebooted my computer and tried multiple times to pair my scanner with the wireless, but it doesn't seem to be properly connecting to my PC.


I get the error "Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons:

-scanner is turned off.

-If using LAN connection, it is disconnected from LAN

(etc, etc)




On the top of the scanner the Power button is lit (green), the wifi button is lit (blue) and the 8.5"x11" plain paper button is lit (green).


What do I need to do to get the scanner and computer connected again?


Hi Stacy,


Not sure if you would see this reply as your post was old. But I'd like to you thank you because my printer is now connected with the network after I followed your notes. I've spent hours yesterday, invain. The key word is "Immediately". Not sure how you figured that out, but you're great! Thank you! 





I wasted several hours on the same problem. What I discovered was even though I searched for TS8020 model and the title of the website in the search result showed TS8020, when I clicked the download on the website it downloaded a different model and then it stalled out finding the printer. Extremely disceptive and something you would have thought Cannon would have figured out by know with all the calls they must receive. Hopefully this helps and you caught it early and you didn't waste as much time I did.

Documentation for the 3620 and How To Set Up Witreless Conection:


Wireless Set Up 3620

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Good Evening everyone, 


I had the same issue of my Canon MG 3620 randomly disconnecting from my wireless connecting and failing to register as online on both my android phone and my windows laptop. 


I scrubbed the forum and tried to reconnect to the network and disconnect then reconnect. 


After about an hour and 45 minutes of trying these steps over and over again getting more and more frustrated this is what worked for me. 


Step 1: Press stop about 2-3 times to make sure the printer doesn't have anything trying to print. 


Step 2: Disconnect the printer from the network "Wifi button" until "power button" flashes then press the "Black Button" followed by the "wifi button" again. I held each button for about 2-3 seconds.


Step 3: Unplug and restart the router. 


Step 4: Once the router reconnects and your wifi from the router is back on hard restart the printer. Hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. Let the printer turn off completely.


Step 5: Turn the printer back on. One of 2 things happens, it randomly reconnects to your router and you are good to go or you reconnect the router wirelessly to the network. 

 - To reconnect to the network, Press the WPS button on the router. Go to the printer hold the "wifi button" until the power button flashes. Then press the "color button" followed by the "wifi button" the wifi blue color should flash for about 10 seconds then turn solid. The printer will make a startup sound like it was just turned on and it should be connected. 


This is what worked for me. Let me know if this works for you. 


Note: I still have no idea why my printer stopped working on the network for seemingly no reason. 

I also double checked my network settings to make sure the network i had connected had share and view devices on the network to ON. This might have been part of the problem since I travel alot and disable it sometimes when i am connecting to public networks outside of my home and trusted networks. 


Good Luck.


I just had this same problem when our wireless router went out and we had to reset it. No matter how many times I reset the printer or the software, unplugged printer, shut down computer, etc...I could NOT get the printer to show up on our WiFi network, even when I was able to print out the info page and the printer showed "BJNPSETUP" as the printer SSID.


I finally thought about using my iPhone to see if I could connect via AirPrint, since the MG3620 is AirPrint compatible and has worked fine in the past.


I used the instructions in this video:


Note that one step is to download the app "Canon Selphy" even though this is NOT a Selphy printer.  The app gives you prompts to connect the printer through your phone. If your phone and your desktop are on the same WiFi, then hopefully the desktop will then pick up the printer on WiFi as well. Worked for me.


I agree with other posters that this is NOT an issue of proximity to the router. Before we reset the WiFi, it was the same distance away from the router and worked fine. I suspect it has something to do with the printer not being able to change it's SSID for some weird reason.


Here we are in 2019, and this printer still sucks. It refuses to create a Wifi connection, and I have spent way too many hours trying to figure it out. Please discontinue this product or provide some instructions that actually work. 

Kaitlynd833, I have also spent many hours the past couple of days trying to get my Canon printer to connect wirelessly to my new Arris modem/router. 


I've had a Canon Pixma 3200 for several years and I've never had any problem with it.  I tried every way I could to get this printer to connect to my new modem/router and nothing worked. 


I decided if I purchased a new printer that would solve the problem.  I purchased a Canon Pixma 3620 and experienced the SAME D*&# PROBLEM!  It wouldn't connect wirelessly either. 


However, there were instructions for how to connect using a USB.  I tried that and it worked.  After setting up using a USB cord, you can then use the printer wirelessly. 


I think I could have used a USB to connect my old Canon printer and it would have worked (but I didn't see instructions suggesting that). So, I purchased a new printer when it wasn't necessary. 


I'm not happy.  Setting up a wireless printer should not be this hard.


Hello from 2020! I having trouble setting up the wireless connection to my windows laptop. Below are the steps I followed and it worked like a charm.


  1. Turn on your printer. Only the ON (green), WiFi(blue), and size of paper(green) lights should be on. 
  2. Press AND hold the WiFi button until the ON button starts flashing.
  3. Then right away press the "Black" Start button.
  4. Then press the Wifi button once again. At this point the blue WiFi light should be flashing.
  5. Then go to your router and find the WPS button (sometimes it has a lock) and press AND hold for 2-3 seconds until it lights up (no flashing). At this point the blue WiFi light should have stopped flashing which means it is connected!
  6. Now you can go ahead and start your install setup. 
  7. Check under your printers and if the printer shows up you should be good to go!


- Stay safe & wash your hands.

Hey 2020er! I am getting severely frustrated because no matter how long I hold the wifi button, none of the other buttons blink! Any advice would be amazing!

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