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Cannon MX920 always goes offline and won't print.




I don't know what I am doing wrong.  Followed the directions on set up.  It was great the first day and then offline.  I always have to reconnect to our wireless network and that is only hit and miss.  I don't know what I am missing, but I am desperate....3 kids in school always needing to print....... this is too much stress!  Please help!!



Hi g-lpawlak!


To ensure the most accurate information is provided, please let us know the version of Windows or Mac in use.  We look forward to hearing back from you!


If this is a time-sensitive matter, we would suggesting reaching our technical support team through the following link: Contact Us. 


I'm having the same problem using two Windows 8.1 machines and one Windows 7. Sometimes it prints, mostly it goes offline. Have tried power cycling, reinstalling the drivers, trying to use printer offline. No magic fixes. Really super frustrating for a new printer.

I am on Windows 10 and working wireless


My new cannon MX-920 will not stay on line.  my two windows 7 computers work ok when I enable popups. which i'refer not to do.  If I knew what popup to allow it would be ok.

mywindows 8.1 always thinks the printer is in standby.  even rhough the other computers are on line. . power cycling the pronter always puts the printer back online. How do i fix this?

wireless network  computers  win 7 HP Acer.  win8.1 surface pro     access point Belkin



Please contact our technical support group for assistance with these issues.  Please use the link below to contact our support group.

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so...this sucks...I have the same problem window 7.  Never ever had such issues.  I'm tech savy, electronic engineer and work with computers all the time.  Why doens't Canon publish problem statement and corrective action?


Have the same issue with my MG3100...

Try and look at the IP address the printer asigns itself and if that is not in the range that your router (access point) is set for it won't connect. I have an MX920 and had the same issues for a long time. I was ready to scrap the printer. On reflection it seems the self assigned IP address drifted over the years of powering up and down that it was out of range of the various routers i have owned. Try doing the big factory reset through the menu/setup/device settings/ reset. This should bring it back to settings close to when you unpacked it and it worked and you thought you loved this new printer, it was so easy to connect. Also check your IP address start and end range found in the DHCP Server. To do this you'll need the IP numbers of your router which are usually printed on the router with model and serial numbers. Type this in the address bar of your internet browers and login in. Admin login username and password is also usually written on the router base.

Hope this helps



how do you find IP addresses?