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"WFT Pairing Software" causes problems with Dish Network Hopper on wired network.


When pairing 70D with WFT Pairing Software (installed on win 8 computer that’s part of wired network) wirelessly, it cause a Dish Network Hopper box (on same wired network) to act erratically (restarting itself, remote not controlling system and menus running slowly).  When deactivate the WFT Pairing Software, the Hopper runs normally.



Hi ssglata!


Thanks for posting!


So that the community and myself may understand what is happening here a little better, I would like to gather some additional information.


  1. Are you simultaneously connecting the camera to the computer over a separate wireless connection while the computer is also connected to a wired network?
  2. Are you using infrastructure or ad-hoc?

If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.  I also recommend that you contact DISH as well.  They may be able to provide some insight into why this is happening too.

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1.  Connected to wireless network that connects to computer on wired network. same network.

2.  Infrastructure connection.


 Other strange occurrence.  Camera will connect wirelessly to view images on computer (can see connection in windows explorer) and transfer images (only JPEG, not Raw).  But if start pairing software, camera cannot connect to computer in same mode.

Ran firewall exe to config for pairing software, even shut down firewall, but no help.

Reset wireless software on camera and reinstalled EOS Software on computer.

Paired at one time. But no more.

With a smartphone ok.



Believe I found solution.  Even though the "WFT Pairing Software" is supposable to be compatible with Windows 8, I ran the compatibility application and have it start like in Windows 7.  Works now as expected.

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