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Cannon MX920 always goes offline and won't print.




I don't know what I am doing wrong.  Followed the directions on set up.  It was great the first day and then offline.  I always have to reconnect to our wireless network and that is only hit and miss.  I don't know what I am missing, but I am desperate....3 kids in school always needing to print....... this is too much stress!  Please help!!



Same issue for me, but it's a MX922.  Cycling power brings it back, but it's very annoying.

I'm having problems with my MX922 - has started to drop connection to my router (have to restart the printer each time want to print) as well as recently giving me a error  that I need to load paper into the top paper drawer (shich is for photos and the like) each time I try to print  items from web site that I use every day.  Have to print to a PDF, save it to my Mac and then open the PDF to print.  VERY VERY dissapointed in Canon.  May be going to HP if this keeps up and no fix in sight! 


No one hear appears to have an answer.  I have had many canon products and all worked very well.  I am really disappointed with the MX920 and am ready to throw it away.  Every time I want to print to it in the other room it is offline and I have to spend time reconnecting or rebooting or futzing with it.  Oh thats right, I forgot that my time is totally worthless.....

My 922 has two listing in the printer Q, it lists "920 series printer" and "920 series printer WS".

If I change the printer used from "920 series printer " to "920 series printer WS"(on the drop down list-I use windows 😎 when I go to print, it prints with no problem. If I go back to "920 series printer" it shows printer errors.

Mr Burk


Tried ALL above, to no avail... playing with router, network settings, reinstalling canon software.


After reinstall, worked for 4 days, then went offline, again.


Today, found old thread for MX430 - suggestion of changing port to CNGJNP WORKED!  It's at the bottom of the port list. The install automatically selected 'WS' as the port - WHY? Here's the link:


May be more challenging for Win8 (I have Vista and Win7 on mixed wired/wireless network. My MX922 is wired





Why is there no solution to this issue posted here?  


I'm using windows 8.1 as well and it continues to go offline!  





I have this problem every time I print whether it is from my Macbook (OS X Yosemite or Mavericks), iPhone and iPad (iOS 7 or 8). This has obviously been a problem for over a year and Cannon has done nothing to resolve it?? Last Canon I purchase.


what was the answer


HERE is the fix!!!!  Go to settings then LAN settings then other settings then " wireless LAN drx" and disable it.


Your printer will no longer disconnect! 

This is a power saving feature that is malfunctioning.


Merry Christmas

I tried that one and STILL it goes offline in 1 to 3 days.

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