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Can't install MX922 drivers because printer not detected on network.


I just replaced my old MX922 with a new one.  As before, I connected it to my router/modem with an Ethernet cable.  I successfully went through the connection setup process on the first part of the setup CD.  And I verified that the router has added the printer as an Ethernet-connected device and assigned it an IP address.  On my Ethernet-connected desktop running Windows 11, I removed the old printer and uninstalled the drivers.  But when I try to reinstall the new drivers, the process always hangs on the printer detection process.  The message is "The printer could not be detected on the network."  When I use the Windows setup to add the printer, it successfully finds the printer all right, but it installs the WSD driver, and I want the full functionality of the Canon printer driver v 1.01.  The printer is listed on the network in Windows File Explorer, and I was able to ping it.  So why can't the installer find it?  I've been searching the Web and trying things all afternoon, but nothing works.  Please help!

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